MB SOCIAL IS a boutique full-service social media agency for global businesses, brands and talent led by beauty industry veteran Mimi Banks.

Mimi’s vast experiences bring a global perspective, sensitivity to local culture, a deep understanding of client needs, and how to run a successful campaign.


M IMI BANKS has more than 20 years of experience in the beauty industry in the US, France, and Israel. She spent the majority of her career at L’Oréal, where she led social media for Lancôme. She is a forward thinking and results-driven social maven with a passion for social marketing. She believes in storytelling, authentic and compelling content, community engagement and building real relationships.




  • Entrepreneurship.com Video Interview: 5 things to STOP doing on Social Media

  • GenZ Doesn’t Care About Your Brand

  • AD Week Panelist with Bazaar Voice (Generation Z)

  • Speaker at Social Fresh: 25 Tips to Influencer Marketing

  • Instructor: Social Marketing (Baruch CAPS program)

  • Guest Lecturer - Public Relations, NYU

  • Guest Lecturer - Entrepreneurship Program, IDC University (TLV, Israel)

  • Guest Lecturer - Tel Aviv Municipality